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 “Working with Erin gave us our lives back! We thought it would be impossible to fix my daughter’s sleep issues, but within two weeks she was back to sleeping all night and taking naps longer than ever. Erin gave us daily advice and told us what to expect every step of the way. By implementing her strategies, we were able to get our daughter sleeping in her crib all night without waking up, and taking two hour naps daily. Our daughter turned into a much happier child and we are much happier parents, now too! I cannot recommend Erin enough!”

~Leah, mother of 21 month old

“Erin completely saved my life! By 11 months old my younger son was still waking up to ten times a night. I had to nurse him to sleep through the night and for naps, and couldn’t put him down in the crib without him waking shortly after. I was a zombie and couldn’t imagine how we were ever going to break such bad habits. My husband and three year old son were also suffering after almost a year without a good night’s sleep. Erin came recommended to me from a friend, and I’m not exaggerating when I say she is a miracle worker! After three weeks of using her technique, along with her guidance and support, my younger son was putting himself to sleep for naps and at bedtime, and sleeping through the night. I would never have believed we could come so far in such a short period of time. After addressing all of my younger son’s sleep problems, she also helped me with our older son. Both boys now put themselves to sleep in their own bed, on their own, and sleep through the night. The change has been amazing, for the kids, myself and my husband, and also for our family as a whole. It has been a privilege to work with someone like Erin who is supportive, kind and most of all, sensitive to our unique needs and situation. I have recommended her to everyone from close family and friends to a saleswoman at a furniture store, and will continue to sing her praises!”

~Meg, mother of 12 month old and 3 year old

“Erin was so easy to work with. She gave us many tools and support to get our little guy to become a better sleeper.  Even better, she gave me the confidence I needed to implement the strategies she taught me.  We are so thankful to have been able to work with her and finally get some sleep in our house!”

~Carrie, mother of 11 month old

“Before Erin stepped in to help us, I felt trapped in my son’s room at every nap and bedtime trying to get him to sleep. He would wake up at least once every night where I would feed him and keep my fingers crossed he would go back to sleep. My husband and I were both exhausted. Erin worked with me to help come up with a plan that I would feel comfortable with that has now made nap and bedtime a breeze and he now sleeps through the night. She looked at his schedule and was able to give suggestions with nap and bedtime to help him fall asleep on his own before he was overtired and that also helped him sleep longer. Erin was very understanding and encouraging. Working with Erin was a very positive experience and I now enjoy our bedtime routine.”

~Natalie, mother of 10 month old

"Our daughter struggled with going to sleep, staying asleep, and waking too early.  A typical night before coaching consisted of her finally falling asleep around two hours after her lights were out, two times of waking (crying) in the middle of the night, and revelry around 5:00 AM.  Erin helped us by creating and implementing a plan that involved consistent sleep habits.  Coaching daily ensured fidelity of our program.  Within a week of implementation, our daughter was falling asleep easier, and staying asleep longer.  We continue to practice our sleep habits, and everyone is benefiting.  Most importantly, my daughter is getting the necessary sleep to grow academically, behaviorally, and socially.  Erin’s sleep coaching is highly recommended."

~Kate, mother of 4 year old

“Erin surpassed our expectations as a sleep coach.  She is dedicated, passionate and committed to helping her clients.  We were not sure what to expect when we started but we would try almost anything to get our child to sleep through the night.  We told her that we’d heard of the cry-it-out method and didn’t like the idea of that.  She reassured us that we didn’t have to go that route and that there was a gentler method that we could try.  After our initial meeting, we felt confident in her and the plan we had set up.  In about one week, our son was sleeping through the night and in two weeks he was taking two good naps and a short cat nap before dinner.  He was 6 months old in October when we started and will be turning a year old this month.  He is still sleeping well thanks to Erin!

~Dee and Scott, parents of 11 month old

"We started working with Erin when our daughter was 18 months old. We had fairly specific guidelines as to what we did and did not want to do and Erin was so helpful with developing a plan just for us. Not only was the plan customized for us but she kept it fluid and helped us make adjustments throughout the process. Our daughter now sleeps happily in her crib though the night and during naps, things that did not happen prior to Erin’s guidance. It’s a whole new world in our household now!"

~Andria, mother of 20 month old

"We contacted Erin when our twin daughters were 7 months old. It was especially challenging since the girls had different needs and different sleep patterns. Erin worked with us, both with the bedtime routine and handling nighttime wakings, tailoring plans for each of the girls, and it was very effective. More importantly, Erin gave us the confidence and support we needed. Teaching our girls good sleep habits wasn't easy but Erin supported and encouraged us through it, every step of the way. Furthermore, she gave us the tools and habits we needed to sustain good sleep habits even as our girls grew and changed. When the good sleep habits relapsed, regardless of the reason, we were able to draw on the tools Erin taught us to put good sleep practices back in place. Erin has brought us all better nights, and in turn, better days!"

~Rachel and Brian, parents of 13 month old twins

"Our 21 month old son had always been an amazing sleeper, so when he started crying uncontrollably for 3 hours at bedtime as well as waking up multiple times during the night unable to be consoled, we were at a loss.  After several weeks of this, and reaching a point of frustration, we reached out to Erin to seek her advice and guidance. What really impressed us was how much time and effort Erin gave to us, and how well she made us feel “heard.”  She spent a good amount of time with us up front to learn about our son, what he was experiencing, and what we had tried (and failed) to do to get our happy, sleeping child back. Based upon that initial conversation, Erin worked with us to put together a plan to help our child.  We were amazed by how within 1-2 nights we saw drastic improvement in his sleep habits and that her plan was working.  And not only did Erin fix our son’s sleep problems, she also educated us on sleep behaviors and patterns making us more informed parents. Erin was a thorough, patient, and encouraging resource for us.   Best of all, we have our happy little toddler back to his old ways!  We can’t recommend Erin and her services enough and are so thankful for her help."

~Casie & Tom, parents of 21 month old son

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