* Are you exhausted and desperate for sleep?

*Do you have little to no time to spend with your spouse or partner?

*Are you unable to get anything done around the house?

*Are you low on energy and fueled mainly by endless cups of caffeine?



Sound familiar??

If you answered YES to any or all of the above, I bet it's because your child isn't sleeping well!

Take a deep breath...because you've come to the right place!

Sleep training your child doesn't have to be a difficult process.

And it doesn't have to involve letting your child "cry it out"!

With my proven, gentle methods I can help your family get the rest you need!

Let's put an end to your sleepless nights and solve your child's sleep struggles once and for all!





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Here's what some families had to say about our work together:

"Working with Erin gave us our lives back! We thought it would be impossible to fix my daughter’s sleep issues, but within two weeks she was back to sleeping all night and taking naps longer than ever. Erin gave us daily advice and told us what to expect every step of the way. By implementing her strategies, we were able to get our daughter sleeping in her crib all night without waking up and taking two hour naps daily. Our daughter turned into a much happier child and we are much happier parents now, too! I cannot recommend Erin enough!"

"Words can't express how much better we all feel now that we are getting adequate rest, completely thanks to Erin's coaching. Our 1.5 year-old went from multiple night wakings and daily sleep battles to sleeping 11+ hours every night without waking and going down for bed and naps without a battle. We feel like a huge weight has been lifted and we're all sleeping like babies (the kind that sleep!). Erin was incredibly responsive and listened to our every concern so she could customize the sleep plan to our son. She was patient and encouraging and we would recommend her services to anyone without reservation."



Erin Anderson, The Sleepytime Teacher, is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach. She has been in practice since June 2012 and has helped countless tired families become well-rested. As a mother and former sleep-deprived parent herself, Erin understands how exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming it can be to have a child that isn’t sleeping well. Therefore, it is her passion to give parents the guidance and support needed to help their children become better sleepers. Learn more about Erin here.
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